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Best Goat Breeds for Pets

Which goats make the best pets?  If you're thinking of getting goats for your homestead, here are the best goat breed for pets.  These are friendly goats that will quickly become pets who work for you on your homestead.

Best Goat Breeds for Pets

Most homesteaders start with chickens because they are fairly easy, small, and give both eggs and meat.  Some chickens are friendly, but they pretty much just do their thing in the yard all day.

My kids wanted to add goats to our homestead a few years ago.  I was hesitant because of the time and cost, but thank goodness I was wrong.

Goats don't require a lot of extra time.  They are pretty low maintenance most of the time.  

Goats can be dramatic and big babies sometimes, but overall, our goats are fun to watch and fun to have around.

We got our goats as pets.  My husband says when SHTF that he's enjoying gyros for dinner, but our goats are pets.

Some homesteaders raise them for meat or milk.  I'll have a list of the best goats for meat or milk later, but this is just the best goat breeds for pets if that's your top priority.

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What Is The Friendliest Breed Of Goat?

Friendliness is typically going to depend on the individual goat. However, Nubian goats and Pygmy goats are typically cited as being extremely friendly and easy to get along with.

What Goat Makes The Best Pet?

As a breed, Nubian and Pygmy goats are often the top picks when deciding what breeds make the best pets. This is because they are incredibly friendly. 

Further, Pygmy goats are much smaller than most breeds, so they are easier to handle and are less likely to accidentally hurt anyone. 

What Breed Of Goat Is Best For Beginners?

As previously mentioned, Nubian and Pygmy goats are often regarded as some of the easiest goats to take care of. Pygmy goats in particular are great for beginners as their smaller stature makes it super easy to work with them.


They are also less of a threat should they get angered, but even then they are slow to anger and generally fun loving and easy going goats.

Are Boy Or Girl Goats Better?

Female goats are typically easier than male goats are. Male goats have worse hygiene and are known to urinate on themselves in order to attract mates. Further, they can be meaner and more stubborn to deal with.


Female goats are also easier to breed and you can collect milk from them if you are thinking of purchasing milk goats.

Can You Have Two Male Goats Together?

Keeping two male goats together might lead to some problems, but is completely fine most of the time. Male goats might rough house and play or butt heads in order to establish a pecking order.


A little bit of rough housing is fine, but if you notice your goats getting into major fights, then it is probably best to separate them from each other. You should also ease them into meeting each other to make the transition simpler.

How Many Goats Should I Start With?

Goats are social creatures, and as such it is important to have at least two to start. However, I typically recommend keeping your herd to about two to four goats initially. This way it is not too much to handle, and they can keep each other company.

What Is The Quietest Goat Breed?

Pygmy goats, Nigerian goats, and Nubian goats are often regarded as the quietest of the goat breeds. This is mainly due to their easy temperament which limits how much they like to scream.

How Many Goats Can Live Together?

Hypothetically, you can have as many goats as you want living together, provided you have the space of course. However, I recommend only having as many goats as you can handle. Start with a small herd and work your way up from there.


Which Goats Make the Best Pets?

Learning which goats make the best pets is fundamental, especially for beginners. Following is a comprehensive guide to the best goat breeds for pets so that you can start off right and have great success and fun with your goats.


Pygmy Goats

It should come as no surprise to see this breed at the top of our list, especially given how many times they have already been mentioned. It cannot be overstated just how fun and relaxed these goats can be.


Additionally, they are small enough for new owners to be able to handle them if need be, and even if they get aggravated, which is incredibly rare, they do not pose much of a risk.


It should be mentioned, however, that due to their small size they are more of a target for predators. As such, proper care needs to be taken to ensure that they have adequate fencing to protect them.


Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Like Pygmy goats, Nigerian goats are smaller breeds, and docile as well. They come in all sorts of pretty colors and patterns making them a favorite of goat breeders everywhere. 

Further, they do not need a lot of space to adjust. They do, however, need plenty of space to run around and play.


As pets, they get along great with other members of the herd and with kids making them a great choice for families with children. They are one of the happiest goat breeds and as a result, do not make a lot of noise or screaming.


Not to mention, they also produce great milk perfect for milk products such as cheese and ice cream. They are not good for meat or leather, but as pets they do not need to be.

Boer Goats

Boer goats have large body builds, but even bigger heart! They are a renowned breed for those who show their goats. 

They produce quality milk and meat and are great with kids and other animals such as chickens, cows, ducks, and other homestead critters. 


They are incredibly quiet and are very hardy goats to boot. They make a great pet and the fact that they are simply adorable really seals the deal!


Nubian Goats

When researching the best goat breeds for pets, the Nubian goat is often one of the first breeds to come up. 


Nubian goats, one of the larger dairy goat breeds, and one of the larger breeds on this list. Due to their cute features such as floppy ears, and their easy going temperament, they have become a favorite breed for pets.


They are sensitive goats that can cry and yell on occasion. Additionally, they can get rather attached to their owners and will be upset when they are not around. They get along well with other breeds and children, but they are quite shy. 


Alpine Goats

Alpine goats are known for being curious, and are often leaders of the herd. They are a great dairy source, but aside from that are also quite intelligent. As pets, they are very entertaining and love to explore their surroundings.


Spanish Goats


Spanish goats are on the smaller side heighwise, but they can be incredibly hefty. They usually are only about twenty inches tall, but can grow to weigh over 200 pounds! They are very mild mannered and prefer to graze and play than scream and fuss.


However, they can be easily startled or panicked, and need to be eased into their new home. When engaged they can be very friendly and talkative, and are known to attach themselves to their owners.

If you're new to goats, I recommend getting some books to help you.  We've had to reference ours several times, especially after normal vet hours or on the weekends.  

Now you know which goats make the best pets.  Do you have goats?  Which breed is your favorite?

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