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How to Make Freeze Dried Raspberries

Learn how to make freeze dried raspberries and freeze dried raspberries powder.  Freeze dried raspberries make a delicious snack, or you can use them in recipes like muffins or use the powder for a natural dye for frosting and other desserts.  

How to Freeze Dry Raspberries at Home

We have several raspberry bushes that grow with zero maintenance on the farm.  We have traditional pink raspberries and a white raspberry that tastes like candy.

My daughter loves to pick them.  I wash them and put them in the fridge or freezer to preserve later.

I make a raspberry jam each year, but now that I have my Harvest Right freeze dryer, I learned how to make freeze dried raspberries.

What are freeze dried raspberries?  They are light and crunchy preserved raspberries that taste just like summer.

They are full of flavor, and you can eat them plain or use them in recipes.

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What Are Freeze Dried Raspberries?

Freeze dried raspberries are dried berries that are crunchy and light.  Freeze drying preserves the color and shape, so they look just like a fresh raspberry, but they have all of the water removed.

Dried raspberries can be chewy, but freeze dried raspberries are very light and crisp.  

Can You Make Freeze Dried Raspberries at Home?

Yes, you can absolutely learn how to make freeze dried raspberries at home.  You'll need a Harvest Right freezer to make them.  

You can make freeze dried raspberries powder as well as whole berries.

How Are Freeze Dried Raspberries Made?

Freeze dried raspberries powder and whole berries are not dried like in a dehydrator.  They are made in a special machine called a freeze dryer.

This machine freezes the food and then a vacuum starts.  Since liquid can't exist in a vacuum, it removes 99 percent of the water.  

Then the berries warm up to room temperature for storage.

What's the Difference Between Freeze Dried and Dehydrated?

Many people think that they can freeze dry in a dehydrator, but that's not possible.  They machines both dry food, but that's where the similarity ends.  

Dehydrated food has more water left in it, and it tends to be chewy instead of crisp.  

You can learn more about freeze dry vs dehydrated to see what the differences are.

Is Freeze Drying Better Than Dehydrating?

Both freeze drying and dehydrating remove water from food, but they are difference processes.  Which one is better?  Well, that depends.

Dehydrated fruit and berries tend to be chewier because some of the water is left in the berry.  Personally, I like the texture of most fruits and betters because freeze dried fruit and berries tends to be crisp and dry.

However, freeze dried raspberries are better for long term storage.  You can store freeze dried food for up to 25 years!  Dehydrated food only lasts for a few months to a year.

How Healthy is Freeze Dried Food?

Freeze dried food retains 97 percent of its nutritional value.  It also keeps the color, even during storage in mylar bags.

Is a Freeze Dryer Worth It?

We absolutely love our Harvest Right freeze dryer!  We're able to safely preserve nearly all kinds of food for long term storage and for convenience.

It is an investment, but with food prices increasing literally every time I go to the store, it helps me save money.  I can also easily preserve my harvest and build my emergency food supply.

If you're thinking of one or just one, check out my Harvest Right freeze dryer accessories to see what I bought to use with mine.  

How Do I Freeze Dry Fruit Without a Machine?

Unfortunately, you can't freeze dry without a Harvest Right freeze dryer.  No other machine on the market can safely freeze dry food at home.

How Do You Freeze Dry Fruit in an Air Fryer?

An air fryer can't freeze dry because it doesn't have a vacuum to remove the water.  However, you can learn how to dehydrate in air fryer for dried foods.

How Long Does it Take to Freeze Dry Fruit?

It takes about 24 hours from start to finish to freeze dry raspberries and other fruit.  There are some factors that affect the time, such as the thickness of the food, the water content, and if you prefreeze the fruit.  

I recommend keeping a freeze drying log book to keep track of times.  This will be invaluable for planning future loads.  

Even though it takes a while to make freeze dried raspberries powder and whole berries, you don't have to watch it the entire time.  You'll prep your food, put it on the tray, and then put it in the machine and let it do its thing.

How Long Do Freeze Dried Raspberries Last?

If properly stored in mylar bags with an oxygen absorber, freeze dried fruit can last up to 25 years!  Learn how to store freeze dried food.

 Once the raspberries are done, hit warm trays and then scoop into a mylar bag and place an oxygen absorber inside.  Then use your impulse sealer to seal it.  

You can also store your freeze dried raspberries or freeze dried raspberries powder in a mason jar.  They will last for several weeks as long as they don't absorb any moisture.

I recommend using a mason jar vacuum sealer attachment to extend the shelf life.  

Should I Freeze Dry Raspberries Whole?

You can freeze dry whole raspberries or puree them first.  Personally, I prefer to freeze dry them whole and turn that into a powder if I want a fruit powder.  

How to Make Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder

To make freeze dried raspberries powder, you can use a blender or food processor to grind the berries into a powder.  Learn how to make fruit powder for more information.

Once you learn how to make freeze dried raspberry powder, you can then use it in these 27 recipes using freeze dried fruit powder.

What Can I Make With Freeze Dried Raspberries?

We eat our freeze dried raspberries whole like a snack.  You can also try them in one of the following ways:

  • Add to granola or trail mix.
  • Reconstitute and add to muffins or pancakes.
  • Use powdered raspberries to flavor and color icing.
  • Add to oatmeal or to Instant Pot yogurt.
  • Top your cereal with freeze dried raspberries.

Freeze Dried Raspberries Ingredients

You will just need fresh raspberries to learn how to freeze dry raspberries at home.  The amount that you need depends on your Freeze Dryer.

  • Small 4-7 pounds raspberries
  • Medium 7-10 pounds raspberries
  • Large 12-16 pounds raspberries

How to Make Freeze Dried Raspberries

Step #1

Wash your raspberries and pick out any stems.  Let dry.

Step #2

Fill your Harvest Right freeze dryer trays with raspberries.  You can overlap them, but it's best to do a single layer with little overlap.  

You can also puree the raspberries and freeze dry the puree.

Make sure not to put more fruit on the tray than recommended for your size machine.

Step #3

I recommend prefreezing your raspberries first.  I freeze mine overnight.  Then place the trays in the freezer dryer and start the machine.  Select frozen and let the machine work.  

Step #4

When it's done, you can check them with a moisture meter.  Add more time as needed.  You can then grind them into raspberry powder or package them whole in mylar bags.

Now you know how to freeze dry raspberries at home and how to make freeze dried raspberry powder!

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