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How to Make Frozen Corn

Learn how to make frozen corn to enjoy fresh tasting sweet corn all year.  Freezing corn is an easy way to preserve corn, and it tastes so much better than the frozen or canned corn that you buy at the store.  Follow these steps to make the best frozen sweet corn.

How to Freeze Sweet Corn on the Cob

We were so excited to try to grow a small patch of corn on the farm.  Our excitement quickly turned into disappointment when we discovered that it simply won't produce quality ears of corn here.

We are surrounded by corn fields, and the commercial corn affects our sweet corn.  We end up with either no ears or small ears with just a few kernels on them.

We've heard that we can spray the corn to prevent pollination, but we found a local farmer to buy from.  

We make freezer corn every year.  This loose corn recipe preserves the farm fresh taste, and it's so much better than what you buy at the store!

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Can Fresh Sweet Corn Be Frozen?

I do not recommend freezing corn, even fresh sweet corn, without any preparation as it will not hold up over time. Any good loose corn recipe will require the corn to be frozen, as freezing fresh corn is bound to lead to mushy and bland corn the longer it is frozen.

Plus, it will not last as long as it would when learning how to make frozen corn or learning how to make frozen corn on the cob. Freezing corn offers many benefits and as such it is ideal to learn how to make frozen corn.

Is It Better To Freeze Corn On The Cob Or Off?

Personally, I recommend freezing corn off of the cob as it takes up less room in the freezer. Space is a big priority, especially when storing lots of food for longer periods of time. 

While learning how to make frozen corn on the cob or how to freeze sweet corn on the cob can be good for its own reasons. Learning how to do freezer corn off the cob can help with storage in the long run.

Can You Put Uncooked Corn In The Freezer?

I do not recommend putting uncooked corn in the freezer as it will get mushy and lose its flavor. Rather, I recommend blanching it as it will last longer and stay fresher.

Cooking corn is important when learning how to make frozen corn taste good, as otherwise the quality of the corn will decrease over time because the enzymes that cause the corn to deteriorate over time will still be active.

Do You Have To Blanch Corn Before Freezing It?

Yes, you do have to blanch corn before freezing it. This is because blanching helps freezer corn to retain certain qualities, such as its crispiness. 

Without blanching, the corn just would not taste quite right.  It will lose its flavor, color, and texture over time.

How Do You Blanch Corn?

If you are asking how to make freezer corn taste good, the answer you are looking for is blanching.

Blanching corn requires you to put the corn in boiling water before quickly soaking it in cold water. This eliminates the enzymes that cause corn to rot, thus keeping the corn fresher for longer.

Why Is My Frozen Corn On The Cob Mushy?

If your frozen corn on the cob is mushy, there is a good chance that you did not blanch it or it was not blanched correctly. This is one of the most important parts of learning how to make freezer corn. 

Remember to put it in boiling water before putting it in cold water. Further, in each step the corn should be soaking for four minutes at a time. This will make for a proper blanch that will keep your corn fresh when learning how to make frozen corn on the cob..

How Long Should You Blanch Corn Before Freezing?

Each step of the blanching process will take four minutes, so the entire process will take around twenty minutes to do.

How Do You Store Freezer Corn?

You can use either freezer containers or bags to store your corn. Personally, I recommend using freezer bags as they can be laid flat to take up less room.

If you are using freezer bags, lay them flat to freeze so that they are skinny and can be stacked one on top of the other. 

I like to use reusable freezer bags, but you can use disposable freezer bags.  I also have several freezer containers that I use for corn and whatever else I need to freeze.

How to Cut Corn Off the Cob

There are a few different ways to cut corn off the cob to make freezer corn.  You can use a knife, and this works well.

We've also used a mandolin.  This is easy and quick, but it didn't get really close to the cob. 

I haven't tried a corn stripper, but it has good reviews.  A lot of people also like this corn stripping tool.

How Long Does Corn On The Cob Last In The Freezer?

Freezer corn will last a really long time, about six to twelve months, if it is stored correctly. When storing your freezer corn, make sure that the containers are properly sealed before storing them.

What Do You Need to Learn How to Make Freezer Corn?

Making freezer corn is a simple process, and does not require any materials that aren’t a staple of most kitchens. Following is the rundown on what materials you will need to learn how to make freezer corn. 

  • Several dozen ears of corn
  • Water
  • Large stock put
  • Large Bowl
  • Ice
  • Knife, electric knife or corn stripper
  • Freezer Bags

How To Freeze Sweet Corn On The Cob


Learning how to do freezer corn is a great way to use up excess corn or store it for when it is out of season. This is why so many people are learning how to make freezer corn. 

Following is the rundown on how to freeze sweet corn on the cob or how to make freezer corn for later use.

Step #1

To start, you will need to husk the corn and remove any bad spots you might find. When husking, be sure to get as much of the silk off as you can. Once all the corn is husked, rinse it off using cool water.

Step #2

Then, bring a large stock pot full of water to a boil. As an added tip, I recommend doing this outside if you can, as to not heat up the kitchen any more than it already is. Plus, doing this outside makes for a much easier clean up.

Step #3

Blanch several ears of corn at a time in the boiling water for four minutes.

Step #4

Once the four minutes are up, immediately place the corn into a bucket of ice water to halt the cooking process. Let it sit in the water for four minutes.

Step #5

After four minutes, remove the corn from the ice water and place them onto a tray. Then, using a knife, electric knife, or corn stripper, cut off the corn.

Step #6

Fill up freezer safe containers or bags with the corn. I recommend putting about two cups into each bag, however, you can always adjust that to fit your needs.

It is very important that the water is boiling before you put the corn into the pot. In fact, we let the water come back to a boil after we have removed one batch and before we put in another batch. 

Essentially, when learning how to freeze sweet corn on the cob, you will want to boil the corn for four minutes, and then soak it in cold water for four minutes and repeat. We did this with five dozen ears of corn, which took about two hours working at a more leisurely pace. 

Plus, freezing corn is a process that is faster the more that you do at once. Personally, I would rather spend a day freezing corn and do ten dozen in one day than stretch it out over two or more days.

So grab a kid or two and learn how to make frozen corn.  

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