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Low Sugar Raspberry Jam Recipe for Canning

Learn how to a raspberry jam canning recipe with pectin.  This is a reduced sugar raspberry jam recipe, so it does have some sugar in it; however, I reduced the sugar for a lighter version that still sets up well and has a delicious raspberry flavor.

Sure Jell Low Sugar Raspberry Jam Recipe

Someone along the way planted raspberries along the perimeter of the farm.  Now, likely thanks to birds and other animals, we have random patches of raspberries and black raspberries growing.

I love that they are fairly low maintenance.  We literally don't even touch them until it's time to pick.  

Then my daughter goes out and picks a few cups each night.  I wash them and freeze them until I have enough for a raspberry jam canning recipe with pectin.

Like most of my jam recipes, this is a low sugar raspberry jam recipe.  It cuts the amount of sugar by quite a bit, but it does still have sugar in it.

Sugar helps preserve the color and flavor of the jam and helps to extend the shelf life.  However, this has fewer calories and less sugar than a traditional recipe.

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Why Does Homemade Jam Have So Much Sugar?

Sugar has two functions in homemade jam: it acts like a preservative and helps create a gel with the pectin.

Although safe and tested low sugar and no sugar canning recipes are safe for canning, reducing the sugar also reduces the shelf life of this low sugar raspberry jam canning recipe.

Sugar helps preserve the color and taste longer.  Not only does a reduced sugar raspberry jam recipe have a shorter shelf life during storage, but it also has a reduce shelf life after you open it.

Sugar is also needed to create a gel with the pectin.  When you cook sugar, it starts to thicken at high temperatures.  It also binds with the pectin to create a gel.

Low sugar pectin binds to calcium instead of to sugar.  If you use the pink box of Sure Jell Pectin for low or no sugar recipes, then you can reduce the sugar.  

Note that low sugar or no sugar jams and jellies don't set up as firm as traditional recipes.  I don't mind a softer set, but keep that in mind when making a low sugar raspberry jam recipe.

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Can You Use Less Sugar With Regular Pectin?

No, you can not add less sugar.  Making jam and jelly is a balance of fruit (or juice), pectin, and sugar.  If you alter one of these, the jam may not set up right. 

If you want to make a low sugar raspberry jam canning recipe, you'll need to use Sure Jell for Low or No Sugar Recipes.

Can You Reduce Sugar When Making Jam?

You can make a reduced sugar raspberry jam recipe by using the pink Sure Jell pectin for low or no sugar recipes.  You can also use Pamona's Universal Pectin.  

However, the recipe for a low sugar raspberry jam recipe with Pamona's pectin may be different than this Sure Jell low sugar raspberry jam recipe.

Can You Substitute Splenda for Sugar When Making Jam?

The Sure Jell low or no sugar pectin can use Splenda if you are making peach, strawberry, or triple berry jam.  Raspberries aren't listed even though they naturally have pectin.

However, Splenda does have a canning recipe for a no sugar raspberry jam recipe made with Splenda.  I haven't tried it, so I can't say how it is.

I have made this Instant Pot strawberry jam with Splenda.  It's not for canning and doesn't have pectin.  It's pretty good with Splenda or sugar.

You can also learn how to make chia seed jam with any fruit to make a no sugar jam.

Raspberry Jam Canning Recipe Tips

Here are some tips for making Sure Jell low sugar raspberry jam recipe:

  • It's important to use the same amount of ingredients as directed in the recipe and boil the jam just as described.
  • Do not double a jam recipe or anything with pectin because this can affect the gel.
  • Jams and jellies need to be water bath processed after canning to reduce the risk of bacteria and other germs.  Avoid these 11 canning mistakes that can kill you.
  • Canning jars not sealing?  Find out why and how to reprocess jars.
  • You can use fresh or frozen berries to make a raspberry jam canning recipe.  I start with frozen berries and don't bother to thaw them.
  • To see what you need, check out my canning supplies for beginners.
  • For seedless raspberry jam, run the berries through a food strainer with a berry screen.
  • Learn how to sanitize canning jars.

Low Sugar Raspberry Jam Canning Ingredients

You will need the following for a reduced sugar raspberry jam recipe:

You will also need the following equipment:

How to Make Sure Jell Low Sugar Raspberry Jam Recipe

Step #1

Wash the berries and crush them to get 5 cups worth.  Place in a large saucepan.

Step #2

Measure the sugar and place in a separate bowl.

Step #3

Combine 1/4 cup of the sugar that you measured and the contents of the box of Sure Jell in a small bowl.  Stir well and add to the berries in the pan.  Stir well.

Step #4

Bring the raspberry and pectin mixture to a full boil while stirring.  

Step #5

Add the remaining sugar and stir well.  Boil for exactly 1 minute while stirring.  This should be a full boil that can't be stirred down.  Remove from heat and remove any foam.

Step #6

Ladle hot jam into prepared jars.  Leave a 1/4 inch headspace.  Wipe the jar rims and place the lids and rings on the jars.

Step #7

Place the jars in hot water in the water bath canner, setting them on top of a canning rack.  Cover the jars with 1 to 2 inches of hot water.  Process jam in boiling water for 10 minutes.  When the time is up, turn off the heat and remove the lid from the canner.  Let rest for 5 minutes and then use a jar lifter to remove jars and place on a heat proof surface.  Let cool completely before checking the seals.  

You can store your raspberry jam canning recipe with pectin for up to a year on the shelf.  Low or no sugar jams have a shorter shelf life and may lose some color during storage.  

I hope you like this low sugar raspberry jam recipe!  

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