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How to Make Vanilla Sugar With Vanilla Beans

Learn how to make vanilla sugar with vanilla beans.  Use your vanilla sure to sweeten and flavor baked goods and drinks.  This has how to make a  vanilla sugar and how to use it in your kitchen.

Vanilla Sugar Recipe

I've been making vanilla for years.  I've always feel a little guilty just tossing the beans after I use them, but I didn't know what to do with them.

I used to just grab a little container and fill it with sugar and put a dried bean on top.  After a few weeks, the sugar took on the flavor, but it wasn't strong.

Then I had a lightbulb moment and realized I can make my own vanilla sugar from the vanilla beans.  This gives the sugar more of a vanilla flavor.

I use it a mainly for coffee, but I also really like it for baked goods.  I use it in place of sugar, and I have several ideas for using it below.

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Can I Use Vanilla Extract Instead Of Vanilla Sugar?

Yes, you can use vanilla extract instead of vanilla sugar. To do this, use one teaspoon of vanilla extract for every one and a half teaspoons of homemade vanilla sugar, or one teaspoon of commercial vanilla sugar. 

Should I Add Sugar To My Homemade Vanilla Extract?

If you want a sweeter recipe, then you can add sugar to your homemade vanilla extract. It is super easy to make vanilla sugar with extract. 

We will get into the specifics later on in this article, but rest assured that you can make vanilla sugar with extract for one awesome vanilla sugar recipe.

What Is A Substitute For Vanilla Sugar?

You can use vanilla extract as a substitute for vanilla sugar. As previously mentioned, you should use one teaspoon of vanilla extract for every teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

What’s The Difference Between Vanilla Extract And Vanilla Sugar?

Vanilla extract is a liquid made by soaking vanilla beans in a liquid, typically alcohol, for an extended period of your time.  You can also make Instant Pot vanilla extract in less time. 

For an alcohol free extract, try this vanilla extract with glycerin recipe.

Vanilla sugar, on the other hand, is made by mixing vanilla powder, which is ground vanilla beans, into sugar.

How Much Sugar Do You Add To Homemade Vanilla Extract

You will want to add about a half cup of sugar for every two tablespoons of vanilla extract to make vanilla sugar with extract. 

What Is Vanilla Sugar Made Of?

Vanilla sugar is merely the combination of vanilla powder, which is made from beans, and sugar. It is a super simple recipe with many uses, which is why it is becoming so popular. 

Vanilla Sugar Uses

A vanilla bean sugar recipe is a substitute for regular sugar that is made with vanilla powder. It tastes like vanilla so whatever recipe it is used in will also taste like vanilla. 

There are many vanilla sugar uses that you can take advantage of. Primarily, it makes it much easier to get the taste of vanilla in whatever recipe you are making.

Here are some recipes that would be delicious with vanilla sugar:

How Do You Make Vanilla Sugar Substitute?

You can make an easy vanilla sugar substitute by combining ¼ cup of sugar plus a teaspoon of vanilla extract for every ¼ cup vanilla sugar the recipe calls for.

If the recipe calls for powdered vanilla sugar, use a ¼ cup powdered sugar plus one teaspoon of vanilla extract for every ¼ cup of powdered vanilla sugar the recipe calls for.

Is Vanilla Sugar The Same As Vanilla Extract?

No, vanilla sugar and vanilla extract are actually two distinct ingredients. A vanilla sugar recipe is the mixture of vanilla powder with sugar.

This is different from  vanilla extract, which is a liquid ingredient made by soaking vanilla beans in a liquid, typically vodka. .

Is Vanilla Sugar The Same As Sugar?

No, vanilla sugar is sugar mixed with vanilla powder, which is different from sugar on its own. Vanilla sugar tastes much different as well.

Can You Use Organic Sugar?

Yes, you can use organic sugar in this vanilla sugar recipe. In fact, I opted for organic sugar myself, which is why the sugar appears darker in the photos than does regular sugar.

Is Vanilla Sugar Good In Coffee?

Yes, if you put sugar in coffee you might like vanilla sugar. It helps to boost the flavor of coffee with that welcoming vanilla taste. This is why so many are learning how to make this vanilla bean sugar recipe, as it is full of uses!

Try it one of these coffee drink recipes:

How To Make Vanilla Sugar

Here is a tasty vanilla sugar recipe that can help you make your own diy vanilla sugar. There are all sorts of vanilla sugar uses, and it goes great in loads of recipes. 

Following is everything you need to know to learn how to make this vanilla bean sugar recipe, plus some tips as well. This recipe makes about two cups of vanilla sugar.

You will need:

  • 4 large vanilla beans (you can use your spent vanilla beans from making extract)
  • 2 Cups organic sugar
  • Glass container

How to Make Vanilla Sugar

Step One

To start, you will want to bake your vanilla beans in an oven set to 170 degrees F until they are dried out and brittle. This will usually take about an hour and a half. 

Step Two

Then, break the vanilla beans into pieces and grind them into a fine vanilla powder. 

Step Three

Now, add the vanilla powder to the sugar and mix it well, combining both powders together. 

Step Four

Finally, pour the vanilla sugar into a sealed container and enjoy the delicious taste of vanilla in whatever you make with it. 

Tips and Notes for DIY Vanilla Sugar

  • You can use either regular sugar or organic sugar. I opted for organic sugar, which is why it has that darker color. 
  • Vanilla sugar can be substituted for normal sugar in most recipes. Everything you make with vanilla sugar will have a vanilla taste. 
  • For a stronger vanilla taste, you can put the vanilla beans in sugar for a few weeks before you start the process of drying them out. 
  • You can use your vanilla beans after making vanilla extract.  
  • You can also reserve some of the vanilla powder to use in baking.  Learn more about how to make vanilla powder and how to use it.

I hope you enjoy this DIY vanilla sugar!  

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