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Uses for Fels Naptha

Are you looking for a powerful and versatile cleaning agent that can tackle even the toughest stains? Look no further than Fels-Naptha! This iconic laundry soap has been a household staple for over a century, renowned for its exceptional stain-fighting capabilities. In this guide, we will walk you through the various ways you can make the most of this remarkable product.

How to Use Fels Naptha Soap

I remember my grandmother using Fels Naptha soap and thinking what a funny name it had.  Admittedly, it does have a humorous name.

The name aside, it does work really well!  It's been a staple in my home for homemade laundry detergent for years, and recently I wondered how do you use Fels Naptha soap for more than just laundry?

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What Is Fels-Naptha Made Of?

If you are wondering “what is Fels Naptha made of?” then look no further! Fels-Naptha has a variety of ingredients that make it so effective at cleaning. 

Fels-Naptha is made from a variety of ingredients including soap, water, talc, coconut acid, palm acid, tallow acid, PEG-6 methyl ether, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium chloride, pentasodium pentetate, tetrasodium etidronate, titanium dioxide, fragrance, acid orange, and acid yellow 73.

While this list may seem daunting, rest assured that Fels-Naptha is completely safe for at-home cleaning if used properly. 

The important thing to remember is that it is not healthy for your skin and should never enter the body or eyes. 

What Is So Special About Fels Naptha Soap?

Fels Naptha has a lot of great properties that make it a useful resource to have on hand for cleaning. For instance, it is especially good at removing grease and tough stains, such as the ring stain that develops around the collar of many shirts. 

Where to Buy Fels Naptha Soap

Fels Naptha is getting harder to find.  I can sometimes find it at Walmart in the laundry section.  Giant Eagle used to have it with the body soap, even though it's not safe for skin.  I normally buy 10 bars at a time when it's on sale at Rural King.

You can also find Fels Naptha at Lehman's Hardware or on Amazon.

Is Fels-Naptha Safe For Skin?

A lot of people often ask: “is fels naptha soap toxic?”. The short answer is no; however, Fels-Naptha is not safe for skin because it can cause irritation. 

Further, getting it in your eyes can be painful and dangerous. It is also not safe to inhale or ingest Fels-Naptha either. 

However, it can be used in laundry without worry as using it as an ingredient in a laundry detergent nullifies the harmful properties of Fels-Naptha.

Can You Use Fels Naptha On Your Body?

In certain instances, and when properly prepared, you can use Fels-Naptha on your body. However, by and large it is not recommended to be used as a soap directly on your skin. 

Further, never ingest Fels-Naptha and avoid getting it near your eyes. When diluted or added to a recipe, however, Fels-Naptha can be used to make health products such as shampoo.

It is completely safe to clean with as all of the suggestions in our guide require that it be diluted before using in your home. 

What Kind Of Stains Does Fels-Naptha Remove?

Some of the best uses for Fels Naptha involve using it to remove laundry stains.  This is why it's often used to make homemade laundry detergent.

This laundry bar is powerful at removing tough stains and messes. Fels-Naptha works great on grease and oil stains, perspiration, and ring-around-the-collar.

How Do You Use Fels Naptha Soap?

There are all sorts of ways that you can use Fels-Naptha in the home. Following is a guide to some of the many Fels Naptha soap uses that you can take advantage of. 

Clean Makeup Brushes

One of the best uses for Fels Naptha is taking care of your makeup supplies with it.

You can use Fels-Naptha to clean your makeup brushes. When cleaning them, add a little bit of fels-naptha to the cleaning water or apply directly and wash them off. 

You can also try this DIY makeup brush cleaning spray or this DIY makeup brush cleaner recipe.

Whiten White Clothes

One of the most common Fels Naptha soap uses is using it to whiten white clothes as Fels Naptha can be a great bleach alternative for your laundry. To use Fels-Naptha in the laundry, dissolve one cup of it into a sink or container of warm water.

Soak your white clothing in the mixture for one hour and then wash them as you would normally. When the whites come out of the wash you should notice that they are whiter and less dingy than they would be had they been washed normally. 

This is one of the most popular uses for Fels Naptha as it is easier, and typically cheaper, than store bought whitening products and it is safer for your clothes. 

You can also use this natural bleach alternative for laundry or learn how to make OxiClean.

Clean Athletic Wear

Similar to washing white clothes, Fels-Naptha can be used to freshen up athletic clothes. To do this, soak the clothes in the same mixture (one cup of Fels-Naptha dissolved into warm water) and soak the athletic clothes. Then, wash them as you typically would.

Remove Chocolate/Baby Food/Grease Stains

Fels-Naptha can be used to remove chocolate and baby food stains from clothes with ease. To clean the stain, simply rub it with a wet bar of Fels-Naptha. Then, soak the affected clothing in a mixture of borax and water for half an hour to an hour.

You can then wash the clothes as normal and the stain ought to come right out. For grease stains, you can soak the clothes in a one cup Fels-Naptha solution and wash them as normal.

As you can see, when it comes to laundry there are so many uses for Fels Naptha that you can take advantage of.

Remove Ring-Around-The-Collar

Another of the most popular uses for Fels Naptha is using it to clean specific stains off of clothes, such as ring-around-the-collar.

Ring-around-the-collar is when your collared shirts develop the stain around the inside of the collar. This is especially common on white dress shirts. Fels-Naptha can help remove that stain.

Simply rub a dry bar of Fels-Naptha directly onto the collar stain. Then, take a soft bristle laundry brush and work the soap into the stain. Allow the shirt to sit for a half an hour before washing it as normal.

Clean Leather

Whether it be leather clothes or furniture, Fels-Naptha can help you remove stains and grime from leather with ease. To do this, rub a wet bar of Fels-Naptha onto the leather stain until it lathers. 

Let it sit for around one hour and then wipe it off using a small towel, such as a tea towel. Learning how to use Fels Naptha to clean leather is great as oftentimes store bought leather cleaners can be very pricey!

Cabinet Hinges & Tracks

One of the Fels Naptha soap uses that you may not think about is using it to clean the mechanisms in your furniture. 

The hinges and tracks on your cupboards, cabinets, and drawers can collect dirt over time. Not only is this unclean, but it can actually damage the furniture over time. 

To clean the hinges and tracks, rub them down with a wet bar of Fels-Naptha before rinsing it off with water. 

Clean Floors

One of the best Fels Naptha soap uses that you can take advantage of is using it to clean your floors.

You can easily make a homemade floor cleaner with Fels-Naptha. To do this, grate half of a bar into one gallon of water. Then, heat the water until the soap is melted and allow it to cool slightly.

You can now mop your floors as you normally would. You do not have to rinse off your floors when using Fels-Naptha to mop your floors which is why so many take advantage of the many uses for Fels Naptha, especially for cleaning floors. 

Freshen Up Trash Cans

You can learn how to use Fels Naptha to freshen up your trash cans and keep them smelling great. Further, this mixture will also disinfect the trash cans as well.

Mix together four tablespoons of Fels-Naptha into one gallon of hot water and let the mixture cool. Then, add essential oils of your choosing to leave behind whatever smell you want. 

Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the entire inside of the trash can and let it dry. Rebag the trashcan and use after emptying each time. 

Clean The Toilet 

One of the best uses for Fels Naptha is using it in the bathroom to clean and deodorize. Plus, Fels-Naptha makes it easy to clean your toilet. To do this, use one quarter of a bar of Fels-Naptha and boil it in five cups of water until the soap melts. 

Allow the mixture to cool and add in your favorite essential oils if desired.Then, you can either add the mixture into a spray bottle or pour it straight into the toilet and scrub it clean. 

Clean The Sink

Learning how to use Fels Naptha to clean off surfaces in your home is always a great idea.

Using a soft brush, remove any loose dirt from your sink. Then, take your Fels-Naptha bar and rub it all over your sink and faucets.

Then, wet your soft brush and use it to scrub the sink and rinse it all off. Your sink should be much cleaner now!

Cleaning Your Hair

While there are not a lot of Fels Naptha soap uses that can be applied directly to the body, you can make a hair soap product with it.

You can use the Fels-Naptha bar as a hair soap to remove residue from your hair without stripping your hair. I do not recommend using this everyday, however, as it can over time damage your hair if overused. 

Making An Odor-Removal Spray

You can easily make an odor-removal spray with Fels-Naptha. To start, grate one quarter of a bar of Fels-Naptha into two cups of hot water. Heat the water on low heat until all of the soap is melted and dissolved.

Remove the mixture from heat and allow it to cool before pouring it into a spray bottle. Lightly spray odorous items to remove the smell from it. 

You can also customize the scent to your preference by adding in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mixture once it is done cooling. 

I also like this fabric refresher spray recipe to use for my furniture.

Making a Liquid Concentrate

Instead of heating water and dissolving the soap every time you want to clean, you can make a liquid soap concentrate with Fels Naptha.  This stores nicely in a quart jar, so it doesn't take up a lot of room.  

Simply follow the directions for this liquid castile soap concentrate recipe.  Then use 1-2 tablespoon diluted in water for mopping or cleaning.

Learning how to use fels naptha can be great as it allows you to easily deodorize your home!

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