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Best Chicken Toys for Coop

Find the best chicken toys for coop.  Chickens are pretty easy animals for a homestead, but they can get bored in the winter months.  These chicken toys on Amazon can help beat boredom for chickens and ducks while they are stuck in a coop during inclement weather.

Best Toys for Chickens and Ducks

As far as animals go on a homestead, chickens and ducks are fairly easy.  Just open the coop door in the morning so they can roam around in their area or free range and then put them away at night.

If your chickens are outside during the day, they don't even need much in the way of food and water.  Filling their feed and water once a day is usually suffice.

Our chickens go out almost every day, but in the winter there are usually a few days where it's best that they stay inside due to extreme cold or heavy snow.  

I have chicken toys for the coop to give my chickens something to do other than peck at each other.  Although chickens didn't much in the way of intellectual ability, they can still benefit from chicken toys for boredom.

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Do Chickens Need Stimulation?

Yes! Chickens absolutely need stimulation, especially during the wintertime and in bad weather. Bored chickens can become grumpy and get into trouble, so it is always best to offer some toys for them.

Plus, if your chickens share a coop or space with other birds then toys will work just as well. Toys for chickens and ducks are quite common, and they typically enjoy the same things.

Buying chicken toys for the coop might seem a bit odd, but trust me when I say that your chickens will greatly benefit from them.

How Can You Tell If A Chicken Is Bored?

There are not really any tell-tale ways to know if a chicken is bored. Rather, you might notice them getting anxious or getting agitated when they are bored. Chickens need stimulation which often comes from free ranging.

When that isn’t an option, there is always the chance that your chickens can feel, quite literally, cooped up.

Do Chickens Need Toys In Their Coop?

Chickens do not necessarily need toys in their coop, however, I would recommend it. This is because your chickens will be the most bored and most agitated when they are not able to leave their coop, or when they do not want to. Meaning that most of your toys will be chicken toys for coop play.

When the weather gets really bad such as in the wintertime, your chickens will not want to leave the coop as much. As such, I recommend keeping their toys in their coop for them to play with during these times.

Are Mirrors Bad For Chickens?

Mirrors are some of the most chicken toys for coop usage, but that does not mean they are the best choice.

Mirrors are not necessarily bad for chickens, but I would not recommend them. To start, they can be a major hazard if they get broken or fall down. 

Plus, while chickens might be entertained by them, mirrors can create a false sense of reality.  This can aggravate your chickens and make roosters more territorial. Plus they will get frustrated as they will be interacting with something that cannot really interact back. 

If you have mirrors around, I would not worry too much. However, I would not install mirrors specifically for your chickens to use.

Can Chickens Play With Cardboard

Yes, chickens can play with cardboard. However, I would not recommend giving them cardboard to play with. Rather, you can make toys and structures out of cardboard for them to use. This way they are less likely to eat or tear into it.

I would also recommend using thicker, sturdier cardboard seeing as how rambunctious chickens can be with their toys. Buying chicken toys for boredom is typically a better way to go, although you can make your own.

When it comes to cardboard I recommend making small structures for your chickens to climb around on.

What Colors Make Chickens Happy?

Generally speaking, chickens seem to be the most intrigued by bright colors and by shiny objects. When it comes to getting or making the best toys for chickens, making them eye-catching can help your chickens initiate play with them.

It is always a good idea to make chicken toys naturally appealing to your flock so that they actually play with them. In this regard, bright colors such as red, yellow, and orange will do quite nicely.

What Kind Of Toys Do Chickens Like?

Using toys for chickens in a coop is a great way to alleviate the boredom that comes when chickens are stuck inside due to bad weather. However, this begs the questions, what are the best toys for chickens

There are all sorts of toys that chickens can play with, but they prefer bright and eye-catching toys that make sounds or move. Most of all, however, chickens like toys that they can directly interact with and move about on.

Ducks also like toys, and as such when it comes to buying toys for chickens and ducks they often enjoy the same things.

Best Toys For Chickens

Following are some of the best toys for chickens currently available. These toys are sure to bring fun and merriment to your flock! 

Many of these are chicken toys on amazon, so you can have them shipped directly to your door.

1. Mrli Pet Chicken Swing

This fun toy is a swing that your chickens can perch and swing on. Featuring fun colorful beads that they can peck at, this toy will allow your chickens a fun and relaxing place to sit. 

The bench of the swing is made to resemble a log or stick making it enticing for free range chickens who are used to sitting on trees.

2.  Hanging Vegetable Feeder

This hanging vegetable feeder allows you to skewer your chickens favorite fruits and vegetables for them to peck at. It is a fun game that lets your chickens work for their treat. 

Hanging toys are some of the most popular toys for chickens in a coop. This is because they are fun on their own and when they are swaying around for your chickens to grab at.

You can skewer and hang practically anything you want off of this toy and it will swing back and forth.Your chickens are sure to love playing with this vegetable feeder, and they certainly will not mind the food either.

You can also learn how to make a bird seed wreath for a hanging toy.

3.  Vehomy Chicken Coop Ladder Toy

This ladder toy is very similar to the bridges found on children's playgrounds. Your chickens can perch on this ladder and walk across it as it sways ever so slightly. This means that your chickens will have lots of fun enjoying the movement.

Plus it can be used to bridge the gap between areas in your coop so your chickens can get around easier. You can hang it horizontally or vertically to make either a ladder or a bridge, meaning that as a toy it is rather versatile. This is one of the best chicken toys for coop use because it is both fun and practical.

4.  Gabraden Hanging Xylophone For Chickens

Xylophones have surprisingly become some of the most popular toys for chickens, and for good reason. Xylophones are easy to use and make sound with, meaning that chickens can have fun pecking at them and making music.

This hanging xylophone is brightly colored and ready to be hung up in your chickens coop. Your flock can peck at it and have loads of fun enjoying all of the sound of the xylophone. It can be hung wherever you want and is sure to guarantee hours of enjoyment.

Plus, because it is a hanging toy it will be harder for your chickens to directly get at, meaning they can take turns trying to catch it as it swings around.

5.  Vehomy Colorful Loofah Chicken Toy

This hanging toy is full of colorful bits and bobs all suspended from the ceiling of your chicken coop. At the base is a brightly colored loofah toy that provides a tactile entertainment experience for your chickens.

This is a great example of chicken toys for coop usage, because it adds a pop of fun and color to your chicken coop. Using chicken toys in a coop is a great way to alleviate boredom, and this toy is perfect at that.

6.  Vehomy Hanging Foraging Toy

This toy is very similar to the hanging loofah toy, except instead of a loofah there are wooden blocks and colored plastic toys for your chickens to play with. 

This toy has a great clacking sound that is guaranteed to captivate your chickens while providing loads of fun.

7.  Vehomy Chicken Xylophone Toy

This xylophone toy is very similar to our previous xylophone entry, and is still one of the best toys for chickens. Plus, you will notice that as far as chicken toys on amazon go, xylophones are some of the most popular.

The key difference is that this one can be put onto the wall. In this respect, your chickens will have an easier time pecking the instrument and making all sorts of fun sounds.

I hope your flock enjoys these chicken toys on Amazon!  Do you have any favorites to add?

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