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Dandelion Tea Recipe With Leaves, Roots, or Flowers

Learn how to prepare a dandelion tea recipe with the flowers, roots, or leaves.  This is an easy herbal tea that you can make any time of the year with fresh or dried dandelions.  Dandelion health benefits are numerous, and it can help reduce inflammation, improve liver health, and even acts like a natural diuretic.

Most people see weeds when the little yellow dandelions start popping up, but I see one of the first signs of spring.

Dandelion tea health benefits are numerous, so I pick them for a cup of tea and for other recipes like dandelion jelly.  I even use dandelions for DIY beauty recipes for their many skin benefits.

You can learn how to prepare dandelion tea homemade with the flowers, leaves, or roots.  Personally, I prefer tea made with dandelion flowers because it has a more delicate flavor.

However, each part of the dandelion has its own benefits.  Drink a dandelion tea recipe alone or with another herb to make delicious iced tea or hot tea.

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The Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea Homemade

Before we learn how to make dandelion tea homemade, lets talk about the benefits of drinking dandelion tea.  A dandelion tea recipe can be made with the flowers, the roots, or the leaves of the plant.  

Each has different benefits and a different taste.  Personally, I prefer dandelion tea with the flowers because it has a lighter flavor.

Is Dandelion Tea Safe to Drink?

Yes, dandelion tea is safe to drink.  There are several benefits of drinking dandelion tea, so it's a good tea to drink for taste and for its health benefits.

Is Any Part of a Dandelion Poisonous?

The entire dandelion plant is edible.  Just be sure to use dandelions that were not sprayed with any chemicals or used for a dog or other animal as a potty.

What Part of the Dandelion is Used for Tea?

You can learn how to prepare dandelion tea using the flowers, leaves, or the roots.   Each kind has its own dandelion tea health benefits, and I'll cover it below.  

If you use dandelion roots, I recommend drying them or buying dried dandelion root because dandelion tea homemade with fresh root takes almost an hour to prepare.

Want to learn more about foraging and which plants are safe to use?  The Herbal Academy offers a Foraging Course with 24 plant profiles, including dandelion, and 48 recipes to use them in.

What Are the Side Effects of Dandelion Tea?

The benefits of drinking dandelion tea and the side effects haven't been studied much.  However, some people report heartburn, diarrhea, or upset stomach.  Some people may be allergic to dandelions too.  

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea?

Water Retention

One of the benefits of drinking dandelion tea is that the flowers actslike a natural diuretic.  In a study, drinking dandelion tea increase urine output for the first two cups, but there wasn't any increase for the third cup.

Liver Function

Another of the benefits of drinking dandelion tea is improved liver function.  Dandelion root can detox your liver to improve its function.

Weight Loss

A recent study shows that dandelion could act like the weight loss drug Orlistat.  It works by inhibiting an enzyme that the body releases to break down fat.  Researchers tested a dandelion extract in mice and found similar results.


There haven't been any studies for digestion benefits of dandelion tea, but people do report that dandelion tea reduces minor digestive discomfort and can relieve constipation.


Dandelion contains a substance that has antioxidant properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body.  Taraxasterol can regular your white blood cells to reduce inflammation in the body.

More Dandelion Recipes

Dandelions also have several skin benefits.  You can use dandelion to make these recipes:

Should You Drink Dandelion Tea in the Morning or at Night?

Since of the benefits of dandelion tea is that it acts like a natural diuretic, it's best to drink it in the morning.  However, research did show that the third cup did not have as much effect as the first two cups.  

Therefore, if you drink two during the day and a final one in the evening, you might not see any effects and sleep fine.

Does Dandelion Tea Have Caffeine?

No, this dandelion tea recipe does not have caffeine.  Many people learn how to make dandelion tea as an alternative to black tea or coffee.

Does Dandelion Tea Taste Good?

Dandelion tea made with the flowers has a light and delicate flavor.  It's slightly sweet, but I still like to add honey.  It doesn't taste bad, but I wouldn't consider it one of my favorite tasting drinks on its own.

Dandelion leaf tea tastes almost earthy and, well, herbal.  

Roasted dandelion root tea tastes almost like coffee.  It has a bolder flavor and an almost smoky flavor.

How Do You Make Dandelion Tea Homemade Taste Better?

Dandelion tea can taste bitter to some people.  To balance it out, you can add some raw honey or other sweetener.

You can also brew your dandelion tea recipe with another tea.  I recommend white tea or green tea.  You can also use an herbal tea like chamomile tea or hibiscus tea.

Dandelion tastes good with spices, so try adding chia tea or adding chai tea spices.  You can also add a cinnamon stick or some whole cloves.

Can You Add Honey to Dandelion Tea?

Yes, you can add raw honey to dandelion tea.  This sweetens it and reduces the bitterness.  You can also add sugar, coconut sugar, monk fruit, or liquid stevia.

How Long Should Dandelion Tea Steep?

  • Let dandelion tea from flowers steep for 20 minutes.
  • Let dandelion root tea steep for 10 minutes.
  • Let dandelion root tea steep for 10 minutes.


Dandelion Tea Tips

Learning how to make dandelion tea is fairly easy, but here are some tips to help you make a great cup.

  • You can use the flowers, root, or leaf to make a dandelion tea.  You can mix the three for the tea, but keep in mind that dandelion root is earthy.
  • Use a tea ball or tea bag to make it easy to get the dandelion out of the water.  
  • You can buy dried dandelions from Etsy.  Mountain Rose Herbs has dried dandelion leaf and dried dandelion root.
  • Add raw honey or other sweetener to make it taste better.
  • You can mix dandelion tea with an herbal tea, green tea, or white tea to mellow the flavor.

What is the Best Dandelion Tea to Buy?

If you don't have a yard to pick dandelion or spray your yard, then you can buy dandelion tea.  Here are some of my favorites:

You can also buy dried dandelion and dandelion root.  Mountain Rose Herbs has dried dandelion leaf and dried dandelion root.  You can find dried dandelion flowers on Etsy.

How to Make Dandelion Tea With Dandelion Flowers 


  • 8 ounce water
  • 10 dandelion flowers


Step #1

Boil 8 ounces of water in a saucepan.  

Step #2

While you wait for the water to boil, gather 10 dandelion flowers.  Remove all of the green part of the plant.  Place the yellow petals inside a tea ball and place in your tea cup.

Step #3


Pour boiling water over the petals and let steep for 20 minutes.  Add honey if desired.  

How to Make Dandelion Tea From Leaves


  • 8 ounces water
  • 6 dandelion leaves


Step #1

Boil 8 ounces of water in a sauce pan.

Step #2

Wash and dry the dandelion leaves then chop them finely.  Place them in the tea ball and place the tea ball in the cup.

Step #3

Pour boiling water over the leaves and let them steep for 10 minutes

How to Make Dandelion Tea With Dried Dandelion Root


  • 1 quart water
  • 2 teaspoons dried dandelion root


Step #1

Boil 1 quart of water.  Add the dried dandelion root and let boil for 10 minutes.

Step #2

Strain out the dried dandelion root and discard or compost.  

Step #3

Pour the tea into a cup and add sweetener if desired.

Now you know how to prepare dandelion tea!  

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